The series “Guardian Angel”

The telenovela “Guardian Angel” tells the story of the small estate of Angelovo, where two families live. Professor Angelov has three daughters: Lida, Vera and Nadya, and the peasant Timofey Kondratyev, who settled down next door, has three sons: Fyodor, Stepan and Pavel. Of course, a relationship may have arisen between the actors, but the sad events of 1917 abruptly change everything around. In the first “class” clash, both Angelov and Kondratyev die. And the children decide to start a new life with a clean slate. They are ready to go wherever they can see, to start all over again. Some of them would go to Paris, where they would absorb the subtleties and peculiarities of life in Europe, some would be content with a place in the Gulag, and some would be destined to become the guardians of their family’s clan. The generations of the Angelov and Kondratyevs change one after another, and the range of human destinies becomes even wider, turning into a fascinating family saga. Next to people are constantly present two amulets: Guardian Angel and Wolf-Wolf, which from time to time warn or guide the characters to certain actions. Watch the riveting Guardian Angel on 7D7.