Program “Far and Farther Away “

For all lovers of exoticism, adventure, and travel, here’s a program called “Far and Far Away”. If you lead an active way of life, regularly getting out of the country, or while only planning to go towards the unknown, feel free to start watching this interesting, funny and extremely informative program online. It is markedly different from standard programs for the average tourist and can be a great bonus to even the most detailed guide. The presenter does not just wander through the quiet streets of Europe, retelling the already well-known facts, and boldly stepping on unexplored paths, opening up to the viewer a unique world, filled with not only beauty, but also mysticism. “Far and Far Away” is the choice of those who are not afraid to come face to face with something truly amazing and sometimes frightening. Ancient cults of India, Africa, Laos, Venezuela, Mexico – a treasure trove of mysteries and riddles, which the audience will have to unravel together with the famous traveler. We invite you to watch the program “Far and Far Away” on our channel 7D7. Enjoy watching it!